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Top Ten Straightening Tips

In preparation of straightening my hair and my length check I thought it was important for me to research the methods of straightening. Though this is not my first time straightening my hair I wanted to remember the essential tips of straightening and learn some new tips. I will be implementing all these tips in my upcoming length check.

 Top Ten Straightening Tips

1.  Clean Hair THOROUGHLY - In order to have the best result your hair must be free of all excess oils
and products.

2.  Deep Condition - Healthy conditioned hair is a plus when preparing to apply heat to hair. You want your  hair to be in the best condition to with stand the heat that will be applied.

3. Cold Rinse -  When rinsing conditioner out rinse with COLD water this closes the cuticles, which results in shiny hair. You must ensure that ALL Conditioner is washed out so that the cuticles can close. 

4. Dime Size - When applying products in your hair after washing remember to limit the amount of product you use. You don't wish to weigh your hair down. Only use a Dime size of product, a little goes a long way.

5.  Heat Protectant/Serum - HP is an essential way to protect your hair guessed it the HEAT. The Serum is an effective product to smooth, defrizz, and add shine to your hair.

6.  Take Your Time - Don't be in a rush! Best results come when you take your time.

7.  Small Sections - When applying heat to your hair take small sections at a time, so that the heat can be evenly distributed.

8.  Minimize Oil Use - If you feel its essential to use oil ONLY apply a small amount to your ends.Once again you DO NOT want to weigh your hair down.

9.  After Blow Drying - After blow drying use the Cool shoot (blue or cool button) this will assist in sealing your cuticles further and making your hair shiny and easier to manage. 

10.  Flat Ironing - Take small sections of hair at a time and make two passes. Ensure that you have tension on your hair so that it will be straight as possible.

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