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2010 Product LOVES

These are my LOVES for 2010
The majority have been reviewed, links are provided (not listed in any particular order).
 You will notice that 9 out of 13 of my loves are Organic / all natural products.

  1. Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner - Serious deep conditioner, smells good, curls POP
  2. Aussie Moist Conditioner - Curls pop, really nice conditioner all around
  3. Aussie Moise 3 minute miracle deeeper conditioner - Crazy good deeeep conditioner
  4. Unrefined Shea Butter -USE IT FOR EVERYTHING!
  5. Olive Oil - Great oil, sealant, deep conditioner
  6. Kinky Curly Curling Custard - great definer without crunch (when applied properly)
  7. Kinky Curly Knot Today - Great leave in & detangler
  8. IC Gel - Defining curls
  9. Ecostyler - GREAT HOLD
  10. Burts Bees Super Shiny Conditioner - Hair loves it, detangles well, hair color intensified
  11. Burts  Bees Very Volumizing Conditioner - VOLUME VOLUME, hair reacts instantly
  12. Organix Pomegrante and Mango Butter Shampoo - Great cleaner without stripping the hair smells DIVINE!
  13. Curls Creme Brulee  - GREAT MOISTURIZER, nice helper for setting hair


Length Check - Trim - Moisture - Rant

(SOURCE: Essence)

As my length check is fastly approaching on January 24th, I'm realizing that I am not ready to see my hair straight. Can you believe that? Me either. I think its a combination of reasons. I'm scared the growth I'm expecting wont reach my personal expectations. Not ready for disappointment when I've been doing so good. Plus I'm over anxious for it to simply grow grow grow. Second,  I'm really loving these new products that I picked up and the styles that are looking extra cute on me lately. Plus I trimmed my hair and its laying PERFECTLY.

See Monday I found the trimming scissors, and I just knew it was time. So I cut about a half inch if that. It was NEEDED. I'm thinking every two months or so I may just need to analyze my hair and give a little trim. My back portion is a little wilder then the rest when it comes to texture and my ends.

I have come to the conclusion that the back portion of my hair need to be trimmed more often then the rest. It also needs EXTRA moisture. It is a completely different texture and some how I think / know I am not meeting its moisture needs. So I'm on a serious HUNT for a moisture PACKED daily moisturizer that I can use every/ every other day. Also I'm going to research and experiment with different techniques for retain more moisture in my hair.

So I'm not quite sure what my next length check picture will look like. If I will straighten all my hair for you to see it or simply a portion or stretch it and take photo. Still debating but I still have a month to go.We shall see what happens.

Soiree 2007 - History of Orchids

The white orchid candles were ordered from Bliss Weddings Market. The candles came in a timely manner and none of the candles were damaged. For the gift bags I found cute pop up gift boxes at the dollar tree. A few of the gifts were too large for these boxes so I brought white plain bags and gift boxes. I cut up the original black and white boxes and decorated them so they would match.

Question of the Week

Do you like the new look of 
Fly Natural that's Naturally Fly?
Logo? Colors? Font? Topics?
Tell us what you think!

25 year Anniversary - Room Makeover - RESULTS!

Where did this inspiration come from check out the Inspiration Board for this party.

Castor Oil - What can it do for you?

This Source Article is from  castoroilhome.

Castor oil hair growth treatment is a natural method that helps your hair to grow healthier and thicker. That’s why, if you notice that your hair is becoming thinner every time you check yourself in the mirror, it’s probably time for you to find out more about the various castor oil uses and pick one.
Hair growth treatment by means of castor oil has long been recognized in the alternative health field. It is considered a type of natural hair oil for baldness, which is actually a result of many factors such as your genetics, diet, stress level, environment and lifestyle. A popular example of castor oil that prevents hair fall and thinning is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

What Are the Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

Regular castor oil use on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:
  1. Increase hair growth
  2. Thicken hair that is starting to thin out
  3. Reduce and prevent hair damage
  4. Eliminate dry hair
  5. Make the hair fuller and shinier
  6. Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp
  7. Prevents dry scalp
  8. Boost your hair’s overall health
Applying castor oil to your hair tips will also prevent your hair from looking frizzy and having split ends and damage. You will also notice that your hair is stronger and won’t develop split ends that easily anymore.

How Do You Use Castor Oil to Prevent Hair Loss?

Here are the common step-by-step techniques for using castor oil in hair loss:
  1. Using your fingertips, apply high quality castor oil to your roots and scalp.
  2. Make sure that you distribute the oil evenly on the scalp.
  3. Do your best to avoid the oil fro getting into your hair as its thick consistency may be hard to wash out.
  4. After applying it to your scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel.
  5. Let the oil stay in your hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes or allow it to set overnight.
  6. Wash it out with shampoo after to remove the castor oil.
  7. Do this once a week for 6-8 weeks to see the results.
Depending on your preference, you can also mix the oil with other oils (i.e. grape seed) to eliminate the super-thick consistency and unpleasant scent of castor oil.

Total Hair Care Is Key

Using castor oil on your hair is just one of the strategies to encourage hair growth. Having a healthy diet, taking essential hair supplements (which contain essential hair vitamins), getting enough sleep and regular exercise will help you grow your hair back longer, thicker and stronger.

For more information please visit the website.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Soiree 2009 - Stylish and Colorful

Product Reviews

This is a product review from my last shopping trip 
to stock up on my hair supplies :)

Links to my Reviews on these product.
Aussie Moist Conditioner
Organix Grapefruit and Mango Butter Shampoo

Let's start with the Bad news first:

Shea Moisture - Yes Shea Moisture... The product that I was most excited about, but it has failed me. My hair is DRY, NO SHINE, it looks DAMAGED! I tried this product 3 times to ensure that I applied it properly, for me this is trash. I would rate MJ better then this and I really thought that I would NEVER EVER EVER say that. Here's the Info on it:

Contains de-ionized water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)*, Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil, Mangifera Indica (mango) seed butter*, Persea Gratissima (avocado) oil, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil*, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, silk protein, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) seed oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) seed oil, Caprylyl glycol, Sorbitol Esters, essential oil blend, Lonicera Caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower and Lonicera Japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) flower extract and Tocopherol (vitamin E). *Denotes certified organic ingredients.


  • All-natural hair dressing moisturizes hair and imparts a shine and bounce to curls
  • Dispense a dime-size amount into hands and massage into damp or dry hair
  • Style as desired
  • May also be used as a deep conditioner; apply to wet hair and leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly
  • Used For: Repairing, Strengthening
  • Hair Type: All Hair Types
    NEXT - MY LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Curls Creme Brulee, before I tell you anything here's the info:

    Defines, defrizzes and moisturizes your tresses leaving soft curls without hold.The Creme Brule is a moisturizing styling cream that will effectively penetrate the hair shaft, provide all day curl hydration, defrizz, and add shine to the hair. It has a level of moisturizing richness to it but it is not heavy or dense at all. Nor, does it have a light, very thin consistency to it either. Instead, it has the perfect smooth creamy consistency that is neither heavy nor overly light. And, if one's hair is extremely dry, this product is buildable in the hair. 

    Ingredients Aloe Leaf Juice, Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Organic Shea Butter, and Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

    This is the smoothest moisturizer that I have EVER tried. It really moisturizes my hair. As far as hair reacts to this creme but on a small scale, there would need to be more hold in the product for me. Honestly I am all  right with that, because it a great substitute for me leaving conditioner in when I do bantu knots, twist outs etc.. So now I can use my conditioner to wash and not leave it wondering on the effects to my hair. I have the Creme Brulee. OH we can't not mention how the smell is Y U M M Y! Also this product doesn't feel gunky on your hands or in your hair.

    NEXT __________________________________________

    Giovanni - Deeper Moisturizer - Silk Moisture

    Giovanni is something else, I should have been using this product a loooooooooooong time ago. I did my normal co-wash and detangle with V05 Moisture Milks. I used Giovanni with some Olive oil for a deep conditioner, sitting under the dryer for 1 hour. WOW is all I have to say. Detangling with this product was easy, the smell was very very very nice and my hair reacted well to this product. Here's the info:

    • PureOrganic Technology™
    • For Damaged Hair
    • Contains Vegetable Protein to Soothe Dry or Damaged Hair, Control Frizz, Add Shine.
    • Organic Hair Care

    • Infuses deep moisture for manageable smoothness
    • Detangles while protecting against split ends
    • Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz
    • Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair

    Ingredients: Aqua (purified water) with *rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil, *nettle (Uritica dioica) oil, *thyme (Thymus vulagris) oil, birch leaf (Butela alba) oil, *chamomile (Anthemis nobilus flower) oil, *clary (Salvia sclarea), *lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), *coltsfoot leaf (Tussilago farfara), *yarrow (Achillea millefolium) oil, *mallow (Malva sylvestris), *horsetail (Equistetum arvense) oil, *soybean protein (Glycine soja), cetyl alcohol (plant derived), stearalkonium chloride, tocopherol (vitamin E), trace minerals, citric acid (corn), sodium hydroxymethyglycinate, grapefruit seed (citrus derived).

    Question of the Week

    What is your hair goal?

    Lookbook! - New Page Launch

    You may have noticed that we have a NEW page "Lookbook" this page will be revealed in 2011! What is the purpose? Have you ever said "How am I going to do with my hair hair today?" "My hair didn't come out right, what should I do now? "I need a new hair style!" Then you find yourself Online or on Youtube searching for a hairstyle for an event or everyday look. You have no idea where to look or what you are looking for. So you just type in "Natural hair styles" and prayer something appears. I have a solution. I want to create a place where you can go to look at hundreds of hairstyles with photos and thorough directions. Go to ONE place and ONE place only to satisfy your needs, you will know what they used, see the step by step process and see the final results.

    Would you like to help?
    Document your favorite hair styles and share them

    All you have to do is:
    1. List the Products you used
    2. Step by Step Instructions
    3.Photo's of the process (preferable to match the step by step process)
    4.Send to: 



    As you can see Fly Natural that's Naturally Fly doesn't look like itself. We are currently under construction for the upcoming year. 2011 is quickly approaching and we're thinking it's time for a makeover!  Logo, new layout, easier mobility, and more of what you love! So please bare with us during this process. If there anything special you would like to see on Fly Natural that's Naturally Fly? Share your thoughts or comments. Thanks again!

    Cocunut Oil - What can it do for you?

    Coconut had proven to be a very beneficial natural ingredient. It is known for being able to restore natural moisture in your hair, which helps your hair have a natural shine It has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and to work its way through all layers of the hair strands. It helps reduce loss of protein, and aids in regaining your hair’s natural oil and moisture. From reading up on Coconut oil I learned of numerous benefits, here are some ways you can use coconut oil to benefit your hair:
    • Dandruff control.
    • Adds body and shine to dull lifeless hair.
    • Moisturizes, softens and conditions dry hair
    • Strengthens hair from inside the shaft
    • Prevents split ends
    • Increases hair growth
    The one thing I'm loving about this natural ingredient is the key word MOISTURIZES, MOISTURIZES, MOISTURIZES, that alone should make you want to try it. How about we talk about 3 areas that it can potentially help you, Hair conditioning, Dandruff Treatment and Promote Hair Growth.

    Hair Conditioner

    Deep conditioning with this oil is highly recommended. Apply directly to the hair in liquid or solid form. When using the solid form treat it as if it is Shea butter. Rub it though your fingertips and hands and it will break down making it easier to apply to your hair. If you shampoo or Co-wash apply after cleaning hair. Concentrate on the ends, this is the most delicate part of your hair. The coconut oil will help it retain moisture prevent breakage/split ends. FYI: You can also use as a deep conditioning treatment (with or without heat) by covering your hair. and leaving in for 30-60minutes for best results.

    Dandruff Treatment

    This can be used as a Dandruff treatment because it has various fatty acids. So try applying it to your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair can be conditioning with the oil while washing. After washing apply the Coconut oil to the scalp so that it can help the scalp to regain and retain moisture.


    Coconut Oil to Promote Hair Growth

    Coconut oil contains Vitamin- E! This helps to keep your scalp healthy and rejuvenate your hair. Apply coconut oil to your scalp daily and you will definitely see a difference. It will revitalize and strengthen your hair follicles, which will prevent further breakage. You hair will grow due the the healthy condition of your scalp and because your hair will be stronger.

    TIP: Look online for Coconut Oil Hair Recipes, or just add some oil to your favorite products or substitute for a like product.

    GIVE!!! GIVE!!! GIVE!!

    Giving is Contagious! As I spoke about yesterday one of the ways for us to use up those unused unwanted product that are in our cabinet is to give them to someone who likes them. Today I received my second hair product from a co-worker. Its one of my new loves! Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner! 2 BOTTLES!!! 2 Bottles people that's such a good gift! So I wont be using those coupons I found since I have 2 bottles FREE!
    I figured I would share this news. I am still looking for a lover of MJ products or someone who has yet to try the line. When giving away product try to think of the best person to give them too. For example, be observant to how your potential recipient likes to style their hair, the texture of their hair and the products that they like to use. This will help you to know what products may work for your friends that simply wont work for you. Also give to these products to new naturals so they can experiment with what they do and don't like. You now how it is in the beginning of your journey, you just don't know where to start. This would help them out tremendously. Continue to think about that ways you can give to others  :)

    Unused Products

    Ways  to use those product we just don't like...

    When I was out of ALL MY PRODUCTS! It made me look long and hard at those products that I don't care for at all and haven't used. Basically the two containers of MJ (Curly Pudding and Curly Meringue). I know other people have to be having this same issue. So it got me thinking. What should we do with our unused products? I can think of two things:

    No doubt you know someone with a different hair texture then yours. You  can ask them if they would like to use the product. Better yet, say you know someone who loves LOVE a certain product GIVE IT TO THEM! That way its off your hands and someone is enjoying it.

    Continue to use the product

    Can you substitute this product in a Natural Hair Care recipe and have it work just as effective? There are numerous recipes online, substituting this product for another in a recipe may make it work for you. The key is substituting it for a product that is the same, a product that is supposed to perform in the same way.

    Hair Styling
    Your probably saying "I don't like the product so why would I use it in styling?" Your right BUT your wrong. I would not recommend using the product you hate for a style where you it simply doesn't work. For example Twist out, wash and go etc... So use it on Twists that stay in, or braids that stay in, or an up do.

    Aussie Moist Conditioner

    I've been meaning to do a review on this conditioner, so here it is. I just brought this again, but this time I picked up a liter for only $5.00.  According to Aussie it has splashes of Aloe, gives up to 125 washes (depends how much you use on each wash), replenishes natural moisture and hydrates thirsty tresses. I must say that I am a big fan now of Aussie. I don't love this as much as the deeeep conditioner, but this conditioner is a keeper. The price is GREAT! The consistency of the conditioner is good, works well when  I need to detangle my hair. This leaves my hair extra soft and smooth I love that especially when I leave it in. I have used this for bantu knots and two strand twist they came out very defined and voluminous. So I do like this product, but I guess you know that seeing that I brought a liter this time :) Here's the info on the product 

    How it's supposed to work:
    Moist Conditioner, with splashes of Australian Aloe, Jojoba Oil and Sea Kelp, helps seal in natural moisture and takes thirsty tresses from hapless to hydrated.

    The ingredients are as follows:
    Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Glutamic Acid, Fragrance, Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Benzyl Alcohol, EDTA, Ecklonia Radiata Extract (Australian Sea Kelp), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

    Shopping for Products

    Shopping time has arrived! I was out of ALL my products, I only had Shea butter, 1 bottle of V05 Conditioner, 1 Bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Deeeep Conditioner and a little bit of Herbal Essence No Frizz leave in conditioner. So while I was out with my Sissa on Saturday we stopped by Target. Let me just mention that every time I go I can NEVER find the curly / natural products that every one is always talking about. Well I FOUND THEM!!!!! I would have never found them if my sister wasn't with me because they aren't in the aisle they are on the end of the aisle so I always walk right past it. Any who, We found them. So these are the following products that I have found:

    Organix Grapefruit Mango Butter - I shampoo once a month or whenever I use a good amount of unnatural product.  I have used this before if you remember once again I basically got this free because It had a rebate sticker on it. Click the link for my previous review. I really like this product LOVE it especially since free, don't need much, spells GREAT!


    Aussie Moist - i really like this product I brought 1 liter for $5, that's great!
    Giovanni - This is my first time using this product people really rave about it this was also on sale for 5.99

    Curl Enhancers

    Curls Creme Brulee - $10.99 -
    Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie - $10.00

    So for this shopping trip I am a new customer to some products I have never tried before and I am also a repeat customers to products I'm in LOVE with. My ultimate goal is for all my products to contain natural ingredients and (as you know) I must LOVE them. So we shall see how it goes. I will have reviews on the new products soon, my first one will be of Aussie Moist conditioner (hint: I brought it again).

    Dollar Deals for a Steal

    My mission is to find or make these two headbands
    for a fraction of the cost.

    Neon orchid headband by Jennifer Behr: $225;

    Question of the Week

    Should you leave conditioner in your hair?
    What are the Con's and Pro's?

    "I have yet to use the above product, but many say its good."

    I'm asking this question because the first time I heard of this I was like WHAT? Your supposed to wash it out!After seeing pictures of people who would put conditioner in there hair to let it set I was amazed at their results. So I started to do the same, amazed at my results. I still think we shouldn't be leaving conditioner in our hair if it says wash thoroughly and that there has to be a substitute for this. Isn't that the reason we have leave in conditioners? There has to be a product that has the same consistence as a conditioner but that is not meant to be washed out of your hair. What do you think?

    Jewelry Display

    For the longest time I have been looking for a Jewelry box that can contain all of my jewelry. Still I don't have one. My necklaces are always getting tangled together, cant find the match to an earring, you get the picture. So over the weekend I was on You Tube (specifically msvaughn and tonidaley 80) for hair inspiration and got an idea! They have these jewelry display boards on there wall. It was an AHhA moment! Why don't I just pin my Jewelry to the wall!?!

    So I looked at all the walls in my room, I have this odd small space in my room that really doesn't get used so I used that wall. WOW I hung up all my jewelery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings), hats, and headbands. WOW it looks nice and now everything can be displayed without any problem. No more necklaces getting tangled up. I'm loving it!

    I simply found some push pins/ thumb tacks, put them how I wanted on the wall and hung my stuff up. Later I probably will find some cool picture frames and case them off, but right now I'm just happy to see them displayed.

    Winter Hair Care - Deep Conditioning

    Have you ever tried mixing your favorite conditioners? Want to give your hair a little treat? Mix your favorite conditioners together fro the best results EVER!
    This will allow your hair to receive the benefits off all the conditioners in one setting. Some times we are rough on our hair so we have to give it a little treat. Early in the week I decided to test this out since I have not been as gentle as I usually am to my hair. Here is what I did.

    1. Cowashed using Vo5 Moisture Milks - 
    2. Detangled with the same Vo5 Moisture Milk
    3. Applied generous amounts of  Burts Bee's Very Volumizing Conditioner and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deeep conditioner. I ran my fingers through my hair gently but ensured all my hair was covered.
    4. Covered and secured my hair with a clean trash bag (or a bonnet which ever you use)
    5. Sat under a hooded dry for 30-45 minutes setting on medium (not sure may have been an hour)
    6. Washed all conditioner out thoroughly in luke warm water but on the cold side.
    Immediately after rinsing I could see my hair smiling back at me. My curls have never ever ever been so defined after a deep conditioning. My hair was shiny, moisturized, defined, and had volume for days! I actually rocked a wash and go. So give it a try and tell me how it works out for you!

    Length Check - April 17, 2010

    Can you see the difference from February to April?

    Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes

    Exclusive Platform Peep Toe Shoe


    Color is seriously on the brain. I'm contemplating some color that will compliment my complexion. I'm thinking brown, auburn....I really don't know! January is the target date to get color, trim and straighten my hair. This should be interesting :) hopefully I won't change my mind. I have been looking at so many pictures that I in love with BLACK hair again.

    I came across a blog that helped me Grow Long Healthy Hair.They have a break down of Dark, Medium and Light skin complexion and which shades whether highlights or a base tone which works for each complexion.

    I began to think I should look up celebrities that have the same skin complexion as I do. So I have looked up a few who have used color in a way that I really like. I'm really feeling the colors of Gabrielle Union and Kelly Rowland in these pictures. What do you think?

    Question of the Week

    Would you rock rainbow colors in your hair?

    Coming Soon!

    Are you ready to see the Room Makeover Reveal?
     25 year Anniversary Party Results Coming Soon!!!!

    (It was Stunning!)

    SAMPLES - Pantene Curl Series

    I'm speechless from this product. Not in a good way...this is the reason I think FREE samples are wonderful because I would have been soooo angry if I would have payed for this. First this is what the Pantene Hair Series claims:

    What its supposed to go:

    Want touchable curls with endless shine?
    Show the beauty of your curls with NEW Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series. The twists and turns in curly hair can cause the cuticle to lift, exposing the internal structure of curls and leaving them rough and dry. Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series includes curly hair products designed to smooth cuticles, leaving curly hair protected from damage and frizz. Find options to smooth, moisturize and define for shiny, bouncy curls that last.So last night I finally tried Pantene Curl Shampoo and Conditioner


    My results were nothing to the claims of what this product is "supposed" to do. My hair did not respond at all maybe it has super powers that I simply can not see? I really don't know where to start. The shampoo was very stripping. The only good side would be that you don't need very much of it since it lathers very well. Seeing that I only have the sample size of 1.7 Fl Oz and I used too much...that's a good thing. Though I will not buy this. The conditioner is a...conditioner...just a ordinary conditioner to me. Nothing spectacular. I really don't have anything to say about it other then I'm disappointed and so glad I didn't pay for it.

    The ironic this is when I went to the Pantene website and looked at the reviews, WOW! They have a lot of unhappy customers since they changed their "formula".

    How to Repot an Orchid

    Source Article: Apartmenttherapy

    Orchids are either terrestrial or epiphytic. Terrestrial orchids are grown in the grown and are less common than epiphytic orchids. Epiphytic orchids, like the Phalaenopsis for instance, are grown above ground or on another plant but they do not obtain nutrients from the host plant. Most epiphytic orchids have thick roots that serve two functions; not only do the roots anchor the plant to the branch or rock, the roots also readily absorb any available moisture allowing them to survive in periods of drought.

     What You Need

    Orchid container
    Prepackaged potting mix for Orchids
    Stake or clip
    Sharp sterile razor blade, knife, or scissors
    Alcohol (for sterilizing your cutting instrument)



    1. How do you know if it's time to repot? Newly potted orchids should be fine in the current plant medium for about two years. When there are many, long roots dangling over the edge of the pot, this is a sure sign that you're well overdue to repot. If your plant has just finished flowering or when new roots appear at the base of the latest growth, this is the perfect time. If your plant is currently in bloom, you should not repot. They should only be repotted after the flowering season is over!

    2. An example of an orchid that needs repotting, but because it's sending out its flower spike, this orchid will have to wait until the flowering season is over.

    3. There are many different types of orchid pots out there to choose from; from thrown clay pots to wood baskets. Choose a container just large enough to contain the plant's root growth with an additional inch of space across the diameter. If your orchid loses many of it's root during trimming (see step #7), it may be better suited in a smaller pot!

    4. Two orchids to be repotted with their chosen containers. The orchid on the left is a cattleya, the one on the right is a phalaenopsis. Cattleyas, because they are a type of orchid that tend to have a creeping habit and like to climb out of pots, are perfect for wooden baskets.

    5. Before repotting, water the orchid so its roots will be more pliable.

    6. Carefully remove the old potting mix from the roots. The roots are fragile so take care to not damage the healthy roots during the process.

    7. Trim any dead or damaged roots with a sharp, sterilized razor blade (a sharp knife or scissors can also be used). Be sure to remove all dead roots. They are easy to spot because they are usually dark-colored, soft and mushy. Sometimes they may also be dry, with a fiber running through the middle of the root.

    8. Fill the pot with an inch or so of the potting medium. Center the plant into the pot with the roots down. Add additional medium to the pot, spreading it evenly around the root mass, then tamp it gently on a hard surface to distribute the medium. Fill till the pot is full, and tamp again to settle the potting medium (the level of the medium should be just below the bottom set of the lower leaves).

    9. Secure the orchid with a stake or clip to keep it from wobbling (masking tape can be used in a pinch). A plant that isn't secure will be hesitant about throwing roots and establishing itself.

    10. Place the orchid in the sink and run cool but not cold water over the new medium, avoiding any blooms if there are any (I do not recommend repotting a blooming orchid, but occasionally, this might be the case — a broken pot for instance). Once the water is running out of the bottom, allow it to drain.

    11. Since orchids prefer a humid environment, I always place my orchids on a humidity tray. A simple saucer filled with pebbles, filled with water works perfectly — just make sure the pot is sitting above the water so the roots are not subject to rot.

    Additional Notes: If you're new to the world of orchids and have a) never owned one or b) never had success growing them, I highly recommend starting out with a Phalaenopsis orchid (because of the shape of the blooms, these are also referred to as Moth orchids). They're an easy variety to grow, with growing conditions fitting most home environments, and many will succeed in lower light situations. They also have
     showy flowers that can last up to nine months!

    For the complete article go to: Apartmenttherapy

    Let's get Booted!

    It's getting COLD! Every year I''m in search for new boots. I've found some that I really like. So I'm sharing :)

    Elie Tahari at ShopStyle

    Forever 21 at ShopStyle

    Elie Tahari at ShopStyle


    Forever 21 at ShopStyle

    Black Girls Rock!

    Headband Deals

    So a couple of weeks ago I went shopping. I went into one of my favorite stores Forever 21 and went headband crazy. I had to calm my self down there were so many cute cute cute cute headbands! So this is what I got! By the way I only spent less then $6 for each most were $4.80!