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Egg - What can it do for you?

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    • The time and money spent on hair maintenance can get out of hand quickly. Shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, blow dryers, straighteners, moisturizing spray, hair serum, hairspray--where does it end? Many people aspire to have healthy-looking, undamaged hair but don't want to pay for costly hair care products. Use eggs on your hair--a less-costly, natural alternative.
    • Eggs are rich in protein. Protein helps to make the hair follicle stronger and stronger strands of hair are less likely to break. Therefore, you'll have fewer split ends. In addition to enhancing resistance to breakage, applying raw eggs to hair also makes it smooth. Smooth hair is easier to brush or comb and less likely to become tangled or knotted. Hair is also made thicker from the protein in raw eggs. This is especially beneficial if you have limp, lifeless hair or if your hair is thinning. Eggs act like a conditioner and moisturize dry hair. Eggs also make dull hair shine because unlike shampoo, eggs maintain the hair's natural oils, which shampoo strips away.
    • To reap the benefit of healthier hair provided by eggs, apply raw eggs to your hair regularly. Crack at least 2 eggs into a bowl and mix thoroughly. For longer hair, you may need more eggs. Massage the mixed eggs onto dry hair. Make sure to really saturate your hair. This can get messy, so you may want to do it over the bathroom sink. Allow 15 minutes for your hair to absorb the eggs. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water only. Cold water not only closes the hair follicle, but it won't cook the egg as warm or hot water can. After rinsing, shampoo as usual.
    • Remember that even damaged hair can appear healthier. Since you cannot reverse what has been done, focus on maintaining healthy hair going forward. Also, keep in mind that the many benefits of eggs may require several treatments before there is a noticeable change in your hair. Apply eggs to your hair three times a week at first and then less often once the quality of your hair has improved. Using eggs in your hair as part of your beauty regimen instead of some hair care products is cost effective. Who knew that strong, smooth, thick and shiny hair is only an egg crack away?
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Carols Daughter - Monoi Contest

Bantu Knot

       Products used: Shea Butter & Olive Oil

Begin with damp hair, apply your favorite products, take your first section of hair and twist your hair until it starts to curl up. Then twist it around itself at the scalp. It will look like a mini bun. Finally to secure the ends gently lift up the "bun" and tuck the ends under. If you can not secure the ends then secure them with a bobby pin.

Wrap your hair up and go to bed :) or sit under a hooded dryer until you hair is completely dry.

When dry untwist knots gently. For more fullness separate them in half or fourths. When separating curls look at the hair for the

Tip - When I am about the style my hair (Bantu Knot, Twist, Twist out, Rollers, Flexi Rods etc..) I like to coat my hand with some type of product my hair likes (Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Curls Creme Brulee etc...). This cuts down on frizz and enhances shine, and definition.

Hair Obstacles - Split Ends

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Split ends are an obstacle that everyone has to deal with. You can decrease the amount of split ends and knots by putting these simple tips into practice:

  • Remove Shed Hair from Comb and hands when detangling.
  • Detangling hair when it is wet, loaded with conditioner
  • Do not comb when hair is dry
  • Protective styles will protect your hair
  • Moisturize, find a good leave in to lock in moisture and a daily moisturizer
  • Trim ends on a regular bases, this will prevent split ends from growing up the hair shaft

    Wet Set Tips

    1. Use products that your hair likes
    2. Smooth hair
    3. Tight (not too tight)
    4. Ends are tucked under proper 
    5. Ample drying time

    1. When performing a wet set you really should not test out new products. Setting the hair takes so much time you really don't want to experiment. So use a product that you hair thrives off of and sets nicely with.

    2.Its very important that you smooth the hair before setting this will ensure and clean smooth defined curl. It may even appear as if you applied heat to your hair.

    3. When placing you perm rods, flexi rods etc.. ensure that they are tight. Not so tight that it hurts. There should be a good amount of tension to ensure the curl comes out smooth.

    4. The ends are very important. You start from the ends up when setting your hair. ensure that the ends are secure around the rods being used. You do not want rough, uncurled, or crinkled ends.

    5. Give your hair enough time to dry COMPLETELY. You may need to sit under a hooded dryer

    Inspiration drawing the eye UP

    This picture and idea comes from: A little polka dot. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I can't wait to use this idea. Have to have the perfect party for this though!

     The Sweetest Occasion site has the cutest.... hanging circles above the table. I'm still trying to figure out what they are since the article is not focused on whats above the table. I'm thinking maybe they are circle chandeliers of some sort?