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SNAP SHOT - Riverfront

 I have finally started an exercising again. So Saturday I went walking at the Riverfront with two of my friends. We had a really good job we walked almost 3 miles

Soiree Jewelry - Shrink Dink

While flipping through Country Living magazine I saw this cool arts and crafts project. Shrinky Dink jewelry! I thought the idea was genius, you can make any type of jewelry you want earrings, necklace, bracelet, key chain, book embellishments...etc... ANY THING! I love the creative freedom and inspiration it invokes. So I decided this would be a great addition to the Soiree Brunch. So all my Orchids made their own personalized Soiree Jewelry. It was PERFECT! I went to Michael crafts store and picked up on pack of Inkjet sheets and a pack of plain. I selected pictures from past Soiree's, phrases, cute patterns and designs and printed them. 

My Reggie & Products

So for this Regimen post I will tell you what I do and show you the products that I use. I only use the products that I LOVE! My regimen...varies depending on the products I use, if they are all natural, product buildup and the style I am rocking.

Shampoo - Once a week or every other (depends how much build up or unnatural products are in my hair)

I have 2 Shampoo's that I can't live without. Both do not strip my hair. Organix;s is a thick lucious shampoo so I dilute it. It smells divine! Deva Curl makes my scalp tingles, it feels so clean and refreshed. When shampooing or co-washing, I always make sure that any shedding is removed every time I pass my hands or comb through my hair. I don't want those hairs to get create tangles or knots.

Conditioner - (varies, every wk, every 3days, all depends)
As you can see I have a nice variety of conditioners that I LOVE! 

Once my hair is clean, I load my hair up with conditioner and divide it into 4/6 sections and detangle and clip my hair up. Once again through this whole process I am always removing shed hair from my comb and my hands. The conditioners that I use the most hands down are Aussie, Burts Bees and Giovanni.
Deep Condition (Once a Week) / Protein Treatment (every other week)
Usually I let these sit in my head for a minimum of 30mins, but I love for them to linger for at least an hour. As for the Protein Treatment I do use products in the home like eggs, mayo, honey. I cover my hair with a cap/trash bag (whatever you use) then I wrap it with a towel for extra heat. Sometimes I sit under a hooded bonnet but most of the time I don't. For deep conditioning I also use the conditioners above for deep conditioning as well, or use olive oil.

Leave In (after wash/co-wash)  Styling (every week / ever 2 or 3 days)

I still am using the Kimmay Tube Leave In Recipe with Knot Today, as my leave in and detangler.
Shea butter is not displayed but its a huge part of my regimen, cant live with out it.

Oils (use when styling and after leave in applied) Also use Olive Oil.

I also have a water oil mix in my spray bottle for when I re-wet my hair for styling.

I think that is about it... if not ask me

Snap Shot - Bonfire & Cornfield Maze