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Curl Icon - Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette is definitely a curl icon and she keeps it real! Yesterday I came across her blog where she dedicated a whole post on her hair. She answered the many questions that people have. I think its very interesting that she uses products that are readily available to us at the grocery store, corner store, and beauty supply store. I took an excerpt out of her blog about her Regimen. Enjoy!

- Excerpt from Yvette's Blog -
"Now, here's my process...
I wash my hair with Aphogee evening primrose shampoo (white bottle, green writing) or Motions critical repair shampoo. I heard Pantene has a great line for relaxed and natural hair as well. I then use any conditioner I can get my hands on and comb it through while my hair is wet. I rinse the conditioner out and then I towel dry a bit (you want your hair still a little damp) and then I saturate (and I mean SATURATE!) it with an aloe vera leave in conditioner by ic Fantasia. It's in a brown bottle with green and white writing. (All these products can be found at Sally's or any other beauty supply, by the way)
Once the leave-in is throughout my hair I scrunch (ball your fists up with your hair in your hands) all over. This encourages my hair to curl up. I then put a little bit of oil (what kind doesn't matter) on my ends and then I sit under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes. You can also air dry but the dripping drives me crazy, so I just sit under the dryer.

That's it. That's my process. If your hair hasn't been "trained" to curl up yet, you can always put the leave-in in and do double strand twists and then sit under the dryer.

It's a long journey if you're switching from straight to natural, but once you train your hair to curl, it will. At least I've found that to be true for mine."

For the full story go to Yvette's Blog - Questions about my Hair

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Jazzy Headbands

Finding or making a unique headband is a great way to stand out and add a little something to your look. You don't have to go out and buy expensive headbands. Just to jog your memory I was able to find a cute headband I saw online for $1.00, no lie (Go to the link to see)! The ones I have selected below are less than $10.00. Also don't forget to use your creativity you can make some of the headbands you see in the store for much less then they cost. There is all ways a way to find or make what you want.

Headbands are also great for jazzing up your protective styles for the winter. When you have a bun, pony tail, up do, puff etc...just place one of these headbands on and your good to go. Flowers, butterfly's many accessories can help you with the look that you are trying to achieve.  

Question of the Week

Where do you go to find new hair styles?
Where do you go for hair inspiration?

Is their a magazine, website, person that you look to for hair inspiration on a new hair style.Where do you turn when you need a new do?

Alexander McQueen Shoes


Strap Biker Jacket - Jackets - Clothing - Topshop USA

Question of the Week

Is the Big Chop for everyone?

I feel like everyone is going out to chop their hair off. Whether its for a fresh start, going natural or just another fad of going natural. One celebrity after another is doing the chop Solange, Bree, Janet, Chrisette Michele and so many more and the public is following. But why? Each has their own answer.

Is the Big Chop for everyone? I would definitely say no for the simple fact the style simply doesn't flatter everyone. What do you think? Or what did you do the big chop? or why would you never do the big chop?

Olive Oil - What can it do for you?

Olive oil is wonderful for dry hair (which would include curly hair). A small amount can effectively  smooth and de-frizz hair. There is no buildup with olive oil like in grease. Olive Oil does not weigh down your hair when you use the right amount.

Extra virgin olive oil can help the growth for your hair due to the rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. If you didn't know Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is great for hair growth.  We want hair growth! Not only hair growth it helps you retain your growth because both of these ingredients are great for protecting, nourishing, and moisturizing. If your able to protect, nourish and moisturize your hair on a regular basis that's some beautiful healthy hair.

Now that you know the benefits now you need to know how to use it. For some reason a lot of people have the misconception that you cant use "regular" olive oil on your hair, that you have to go to the hair store and buy the "brand" or a product containing olive oil. Go right to your grocery store and buy some olive oil right off the shelf for your hair, our better yet in your cabinet at home. I guarantee this will be cheaper, last longer and many more benefits.

I suggest extra virgin olive oil because the scent is not has heavy, in addition to the great benefits.You don't want to be walking around smelling like olive oil. All ways remember that a little olive oil goes a long way.

You can use it to seal your ends, daily moisturizer (but not too much) and of course a deep conditioner. Many of you know this last one for the simply fact for the longest time we have been going to the beauty supply store buying those little hot oil treatments of olive oil. So don't run out to the store run to your cabinet! Snatch your bottle out and pour 3-5 cap fulls of olive oil into a cup, heat it up in the microwave and you know the rest. Your hair and your pocket will LOVE YOU!

Raphael Young Shoes

I am literally drooling over these shoes!
Cobalt booties from the “Viper” collection.

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

I have been having some technically difficulties with my computer and camera. So I should be posting more often very soon. Sorry for the delay! Let's get back to the review...

WOW!!!! I tried Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist deeeep conditioner on last Saturday. WOW!!!! I am in LOVE!!!! My hair was so ...........silky moisturized. I thought it was funny that on the label it literally says deeeep conditioner and not deep.  This is the BEST DEEP CONDITIONER THAT I HAVE EVER TRIED!!!! It is only $3 and some change! Its a cool squeeze bottle, which honestly at first I didn't think I was going to like. But it was so easy to use when applying the conditioner. This conditioner is thick and creamy. When I washed it out my hair felt like butter :) I will definitely continue to buy this product. I will say also that I co-washed with the Aussie Moist Conditioner before applying this deep conditioner (I like that too) but I will do a separate review on the regular conditioner because I have pictures to share. So all in all I'm in love with this deep conditioner and will apply it every other week.

How its supposed to work: Deeply intense conditioning, accented with Australian aloe, penetrates dry or damaged hair. Radiant hair in one use. Sure, it's really deep and super intense. But moist 3 minute miracle, accented with natural Australian aloe and jojoba oil, has a playful side too. Like that time it ran backwards around the office in a kangaroo outfit. Add some roo to your do

Ingredients: Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Dimethicone, Glutamic Acid, Fragrance, Benzyl Alcohol, EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Ecklonia Radiata Extract (Australian Sea Kelp Extract), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil.

Poll Results!

So the results are in!
of my current readers wear their hair

Fall & Winter Trends

The military look is a big trend this fall./winter. I have always loved this look especially on coats, jackets boots and skirts. I went to the yesterday and found this coat at express its extra cute. It comes in a variety of colors.


Watering Orchids

As you already know I LOVE ORCHIDS!!! There seems to be much interest in Orchids since one of my first posts about Orchids is one of the most popular. So if you have an Orchid lets learn how to water them properly!

When I got my first Orchid I was clueless on how to care for it. I had always heard stories about how these flowers were the hardest to keep alive. So far I have 3 and they are all still living :) Internet sites and books have helped tremendously. As for watering you will hear varying responses to when you should water your orchid. I water my every 2 weeks or every month. For the simple reason that Orchids don't need that much water and they are flowers that are use to not getting enough water so they store what you give them. With that being said do not allow your medium (the soil used for orchids) get dried out. It needs to be moist not DRY not overly saturated by any means. So though I say I water my it 2 weeks or every month, I do water it in between BUT that is simply to keep the medium moist. This means a very LITTLE amount of water. Also once a month you should fertilize your orchid, not more then once a month.
A. When watering your orchids, take care to avoid wetting the leaves. When watering orchid under the faucet ensure that your watering the whole surface area and not one spot.

B. If water gets trapped in between the leaves, dry them quickly by using a piece of
    tissue or a cotton ball.

C. After watering, do not allow residual or standing water to come in contact with the
     base of the orchid pot. Lemon juice will make your leaves shine :)

     Tip - Try to water in the morning, so that if there is extra water that runs off it will
     be evaporated throughout the day.

D. Overwatering will result in yellow, damaged leaves. If your orchid's leaves turn yellow and show signs of rot, hold off on watering for a few weeks.

Don't be afraid to stop watering. You have to otherwise you will kill your orchid.

For more information go to Beautiful Orchids

Winter Hair Care

Winter is approaching...well Winter is HERE!!!! It's cold, frigged. Natural hair is already dry but now we need to pay extra attention to hair in these up coming months. So..... Lets talk Winter Hair Care!

You have to use an effective water based moisturizer. So the first thing on the ingredient list should be water!
MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!!!! A good moisturizing conditioner for after you shampoo and a creamy moisturizer for daily use (when needed). After you must seal with your favorite oil.

Deep Conditioning
I think its even more essential during this time for Deep Conditioning Treatments, especially moisturizing deep conditioners. This will put the moisture back into your hair. Allow the conditioner to sit for 15-30 minutes unders a heated bonnet. Your hair will thank you :)

Protective Hair styles

These styles retain moisture in the hair, low tension hair styles. They also preserve your length because your hair isn't being manipulated on a regular basis. In turn you don't have as many knots and tangles, and of course it keeps your ends protected. It is a style that can be maintained for a week or more. That is not to say that you have to have the same style for that long, but the goal with protective styles is not to mess with your hair as much. So at least try to keep a hair style for one week and then change it up. When you have a protective hair style you want to ensure that you moisturize it very very well before the style is complete. This is because with most hair styles you don't want to touch it once it is complete (ex. bun, updo etc...).

A lot of naturals tend to straighten their hair more during these months. It seems to be much easier to maintain your moisture when you hair is straight. But lets think about protective styles that don't require any heat, and don't require much manipulation. We want to retain length and grow hair. So variations of buns, updo's, braids, twists, weaves, braids etc... are all wonderful protective styles. Just make sure that your style is not too tight (we want low tension). Too much tension will cause your hair to weaken and your hair line to recede and that is NOT a good look.

This is an effective way to protect your hair. BUT!!! Ensure that you hat has a satin lining, if not put on a satin bonnet or scarf under the hat. This is essential because the harsh fabrics (like wool) can cause more damage then help due to the friction and simply the texture of the fabric.

Wash and Go = NO
I'm so serious NO NO! First you can and WILL get sick. Second it will literally freeze your hair and take all the moisture out of it. So please dry your hair completely before you exit the house.

I plan to post pic's of headbands, hats and protective styles that I really like for the upcoming winter months!
 Let's protect our hair ladies!

Inspiration - Luxurious Wedding - Fete

This is such a MUST SHARE!!!! This Luxurious wedding screams INSPIRATION! WOW!!!! Its fabulous and dreamy and I cant wait to have a party like that one day :-) Is this a future Soiree Inspiration? Hmmm i definitely think so....maybe when we get to 10 year Anniversary?

It is Designed by the fab team at Fete and photographed by the forever talented Shawn Connell for Christian Oth. For more photo's of this event go to their Gallery.

Soiree Inspiration - Photo Display

My photo display was a big hit! Everyone came in and was captured by the hanging photos. I tweaked the original design a little. The original has ribbons hanging from the ceiling and clips to hold the pictures in place. I used party streamers that I already had from a previous party and simply attached the photos with tape.

The photo display idea came from Party Dress but original it from Make Merry Events. Visit both they are wonderful sites for inspiration!

I also made two photo displays so that they could frame the mirror to give the room a balanced look.

Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue Results

First I will say:
"$22 I spent for a 8 oz jar of Curly Meringue. I must say that I am very disappointed."

I have have tried this product four 4ways and I AM NOT HAPPY! I feel like I could have spent 8 more dollars and brought Kinky Curly and been much happier! Or simply used my usual conditioner and olive oil and been happy. Both would have saved money and my hair would be bouncy, defined and shiny! I have given this product many...chances seeing that I styled it 4 different ways on 4 separate days.I co washed like normal and then I sealed with olive oil and applied the Curl Meringue.

The four styles that I tried were Shingling, Bantu Knot, Twist Out & Two Strand twist Bantu Knot. The Shingling was horrible my hair did not curl I did not take a picture of that.

Twist Out

  Bantu Knot

 Two Strand Twist Bantu Knot (Extra Curly)

Many of you may think her hair doesn't look so bad. But for me Considering that I could use products I already own for much less and my results would have been fantastic, yea this is not a good thing.  The first day it felt moisturized but after that it felt dry and looked dull. People rave about this product. Praise it to death and I just....don't get it. I'm not hating simply expressing my personal opinion. I think you will understand once I post pictures of my other results with my regular simple products. When my friend gives me the curly pudding I will try it with an open mind I promise. As for this curly meringue (sigh) I have to use it because I brought it. Maybe after a while I will be able to find a style where it is effective.

Curl Icon - Danielle Desiree


Many of you may not know that you can request products from companies to try their products for FREE, or for a very low price. Not all companies offer samples.

Samples are a good idea whether they are free or you have to pay a small amount for them. This is because you are able to test the product out before you go to the store and spend money for it. It would be a waste of money to buy a product that you dislike. If the product you want to try doesn't give out samples ask one of your friends if they have the product. Borrow it from them. This way you get to try the product out without spending a dime. I have gone through a lot of products and found that many products simply don't work for me. Such a waste of money, but then I think although it didn't work for me maybe it can work for some else i know. You can say I have become a free store for my friends :)

With all that in mind, I have some SERIOUS SAMPLE ordering. I received my first shipment a couple weeks ago Pantene Curly - Shampoo and Conditioner. We will see how it works out for my 3c/4a hair.

I ordered a bunch of other samples so we will talk about them when they come in. I have a review for Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue coming up. My friend gave me her Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. So many things are to come Samples, free products. 

Soiree 2010 - 5 Year Anniversary - Results

I draped a shear fabric on the wall as a backdrop.
Appetizer: Shrimp wrapped in bacon
Main Course: Mac& cheese, sauteed string beans, roast beef with gravy, lightly breaded chicken breast topped with mushrooms, onions, prosciutto and cheese.
Dessert: Whipping Pound Cake, served with fresh berries & cool whip

Place cards were simple. Napkins were folded like a Pyramid, each place setting held a number and an Orchid. The number represented how many times they have attended a Soiree. Candles lined the middle of the table to give a dreamy effect when the lights went off. Flower Arrangements were made by my Aunt & Cousin. I created an additional backdrop that consisted of a memory wall. Streamers hung from the ceiling with black and white photos attached of previous Soiree's. I placed a mirrior between the section of photos to balance the room out. In addition the candle light would reflect beautifully off of the mirror.