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Question of the Week

Should you leave conditioner in your hair?
What are the Con's and Pro's?

"I have yet to use the above product, but many say its good."

I'm asking this question because the first time I heard of this I was like WHAT? Your supposed to wash it out!After seeing pictures of people who would put conditioner in there hair to let it set I was amazed at their results. So I started to do the same, amazed at my results. I still think we shouldn't be leaving conditioner in our hair if it says wash thoroughly and that there has to be a substitute for this. Isn't that the reason we have leave in conditioners? There has to be a product that has the same consistence as a conditioner but that is not meant to be washed out of your hair. What do you think?


  1. I constantly use conditioner in my hair as leave in. I just make sure to not apply it to my scalp hence it would clog my pores. I always scrunch it in to make my curls pop. I lot of people would be surprised how similar there leave in conditioner is to there regular conditioner. I say do what works for your hair the best

  2. I like that point of not applying the conditioner to the scalp, that is essential.