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Unused Products

Ways  to use those product we just don't like...

When I was out of ALL MY PRODUCTS! It made me look long and hard at those products that I don't care for at all and haven't used. Basically the two containers of MJ (Curly Pudding and Curly Meringue). I know other people have to be having this same issue. So it got me thinking. What should we do with our unused products? I can think of two things:

No doubt you know someone with a different hair texture then yours. You  can ask them if they would like to use the product. Better yet, say you know someone who loves LOVE a certain product GIVE IT TO THEM! That way its off your hands and someone is enjoying it.

Continue to use the product

Can you substitute this product in a Natural Hair Care recipe and have it work just as effective? There are numerous recipes online, substituting this product for another in a recipe may make it work for you. The key is substituting it for a product that is the same, a product that is supposed to perform in the same way.

Hair Styling
Your probably saying "I don't like the product so why would I use it in styling?" Your right BUT your wrong. I would not recommend using the product you hate for a style where you it simply doesn't work. For example Twist out, wash and go etc... So use it on Twists that stay in, or braids that stay in, or an up do.

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