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Length Check - Trim - Moisture - Rant

(SOURCE: Essence)

As my length check is fastly approaching on January 24th, I'm realizing that I am not ready to see my hair straight. Can you believe that? Me either. I think its a combination of reasons. I'm scared the growth I'm expecting wont reach my personal expectations. Not ready for disappointment when I've been doing so good. Plus I'm over anxious for it to simply grow grow grow. Second,  I'm really loving these new products that I picked up and the styles that are looking extra cute on me lately. Plus I trimmed my hair and its laying PERFECTLY.

See Monday I found the trimming scissors, and I just knew it was time. So I cut about a half inch if that. It was NEEDED. I'm thinking every two months or so I may just need to analyze my hair and give a little trim. My back portion is a little wilder then the rest when it comes to texture and my ends.

I have come to the conclusion that the back portion of my hair need to be trimmed more often then the rest. It also needs EXTRA moisture. It is a completely different texture and some how I think / know I am not meeting its moisture needs. So I'm on a serious HUNT for a moisture PACKED daily moisturizer that I can use every/ every other day. Also I'm going to research and experiment with different techniques for retain more moisture in my hair.

So I'm not quite sure what my next length check picture will look like. If I will straighten all my hair for you to see it or simply a portion or stretch it and take photo. Still debating but I still have a month to go.We shall see what happens.

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