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 I discovered this cute table setting. Simple, bold and chic. You never know you may see me try this at the next party or Soiree :) yievents

Want to create this effect? Take 3 rectangle tables place them side by side. Find a BOLD table cloth that drapes down to the floor. Get a roll of plastic table cloth, or get the table cloths that hang like linen and drape your table with it. The key is for the table cloth to drape to the floor this makes it more elegant.

This is the cutest sweetheart table  from All Wedding. I really like the Mr. and Mrs. cut outs. They are simple and easy to make.I think its a great idea and can be used for any occasion. Instead of making place cards you can make cut outs like these for your guests to find their names with ease.

This table idea is very cute from Sunset.
You simply find a table cloth that reflects or allows light to glow easy and string some lights under the table. The important part is to ensure that your lights are a good distance from your table cloth, for safety.

Instead of stringed lights your could use touch lights. They are sold at your local dollar store and should literally be $1.00. You can stick them to the bottom of the table and they will reflect the light for a good amount of time.

This photo came from Catering Works. I love how simple the table setting is, the napkins and center pieces really pop.  Your eyes go straight to the color.

Flower Arrangements - this picture is from Bakati

You can intensify the color of the flowers by placing then under water. Some flowers may float to the top so you may want to hot glue them to the side of the glass vase

This picture is from Soiree 2010 I used the above idea with fake flowers from the craft store. Everyone thought they were real. Imerging them in water really brings them to life and makes the colors POP!

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  1. I looove this! I'm planning a mother/daughter brunch in the Spring and I'm hoping to have it outside (backyard). These are some great ideas!! :)