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Twist & Curl

Products used: Olive Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Creme Brulee

1. Start with  damp detangled hair and divide hair into managable sections. Apply all three products to each section.

2. Take a small section of hair and twist from root to end.  How to twist:  Divide a small section of hair into two, and cross hair so they twist together like a rope. Apply extra Shea butter or olive oil to the ends.

3. To achieve curls at end of hair, Place a flexi rod (perm rod, curlers) on the end, curl half way or only at the bottom.


4. Allow hair to air dry ( or sit under hooded dryer for 1 hour or as needed according to length and thickness of hair).When hair is dry remove flexi rods (perm rod, curlers).

5. When separating dry hair ensure that your fingers are coated with a light oil or butter to prevent frizz. Place your finger in the middle of the twist and go down until it unravels.

6. Style as desired

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