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Inspiration that comes from Above

When hosting a small party jazz it up with simple inexpensive ideas. Easy transformations to your party area can make such a difference. Your guests will marvel at your creations and feel special. Lets look at the Inspiration that comes from Above the table.

 Hanging Flowers

 I LOVE these "Pom-Poms" (I call them flowers) hanging from the ceiling. All you need is  tissue paper, scissors, tape and string. How simple is that?  Martha Stewart Weddings has a great  How to instructions to make these Flowers.

Putting your own touch on these flowers is very easy. Make your flowers different sizes and colors. When you hang them up you can hang them at different heights. Another cool idea is if you want to be daring and not use a solid color create your own PRINT or find paper with a print to your liking or words.

Also you can change up the look of the flower by cutting the petals into different shapes, they can be rounded, sharp,or wavy .

Painting a without Paint?

Fabric allows you to color the room without a mess or any paint! You can create blocks of color in a room to brighten or darken a room to your liking. This picture is from Bakati. the colorful fabric shown here creates the boundaries of the room, brings life to the space and may also be concealing eye sores.

Southern Living picture to the right is of a backyard makeover it is a good depiction of the drastic changes a little fabric can do for the better.

So if you are thinking about incorporating this into your party here are a couple of tips. Choose a fabric color and texture that suits your needs and the type of party you are shooting for. If you party is outside you can place polls in the ground and extend string from each poll and simply drape your fabric over it. It can be a long sheet or multiple sheets spread out as depicted in this photo.

TIP: PLASTIC! If you really want to be thrifty go the the party store and purchase rolls of plastic table clothes. It can serve the same purpose as fabric.

Light up the sky

 Jordan Ferney shows a easy way to light your party up. It appears that in this picture they are using string light bulbs and placed them carefully in the trees. This can be achieved by using stringed lights as well. Touch lights can be just as effective and can be placed in any location. You don't want harsh lighting so these types of lighting set the mood for your gathering. If you are able to find string light bulbs change the color of the light as a little surprise to your guests.

Happy party planning to you all :)

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