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2011 - Vision

My Vision is simple and easy. Fly Natural that's Natural Fly has been created as a site of Inspiration.
Inspiration comes in multiple shapes and sizes, so therefore I choose to define it in that way. We speak about hair, clothes, poetry, quotes, party planning and many other things. I don't wish to put this blog in a confined category because I think we can do it all. We can share whatever inspires us to do....whatever we wish.

I didn't create this site to be a copy cat. I want it to be different. To be able to move you in a way that no other blog has been able to. FN that's NF should give you what your missing from other blogs. So I'm asking for your help I want do some BIG things this year! As you see my first step is a BLOG MAKEOVER (hope you like it) I think the site should be bright and inviting.

Here are some of the things I wish to continue to do, and some of our NEW exciting adventures:

This means Natural Ingredients. I think it is essential for us to be aware of the Natural products that are out there that can benefit our hair. We have so many items right in your kitchen cabinets that will work wonders on our beautiful locks. All we have to do is a little research, share what we learn or simply share the article that explains it the best. There are so many wonderful sources of information, so lets use it for our benefit!

Inspiration Board
Is a place that inspires you to look at party planning in a new way. You don't have to spend tons of money party planner, or buying this and that. There are simple, chic and inexpensive ways to make your party look marvelous. So lets have a PARTY PEOPLE!

A place where you can go to find the hair styles that you are looking for, for the right occasion.  YOUR LOOKBOOK YOUR DICTIONARY. You can come to ONE place and ONE place only to meet your styling needs. Step by step instructions will be provided with pictures and a list of products used.What more can a   natural ask for?

So I  WELCOME you on this journey with me. Are you ready?

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