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Color is seriously on the brain. I'm contemplating some color that will compliment my complexion. I'm thinking brown, auburn....I really don't know! January is the target date to get color, trim and straighten my hair. This should be interesting :) hopefully I won't change my mind. I have been looking at so many pictures that I in love with BLACK hair again.

I came across a blog that helped me Grow Long Healthy Hair.They have a break down of Dark, Medium and Light skin complexion and which shades whether highlights or a base tone which works for each complexion.

I began to think I should look up celebrities that have the same skin complexion as I do. So I have looked up a few who have used color in a way that I really like. I'm really feeling the colors of Gabrielle Union and Kelly Rowland in these pictures. What do you think?


  1. I been thinking a lot about color myself hmmm it must be the change of season

  2. what color? there is this picture of Beyonce, I LOVE THE COLOR but It may be too light for my complexion. I'm looking for a BIG WOW whn I apply heat in January