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Length Check - Feb 5, 2010

So last week I announced my goals and decisions. One of you asked if I would post pictures so you guys could follow my progress. As you can see I found my first set of pictures. This is from February 5, 2010 I got my hair trimmed and I decided to start a my own personal NO HEAT Challenge. This was interesting experience, I say that because up to that point I had been flat ironing my hair like usual. So NO HEAT at all was a serious step. Honestly it was the first and most important step of embracing my texture and curls. Thanks to certain Youtubers and bloggers I was on a natural hair roll! I learned bantu knots, puffs, flexi rods, buns, detangling, hair products, styling....and so much more. Feb 5 was really a defining point in my natural hair experience. It was the day I decided not to burn my hair (sort of speak), the day I decided to pay more attention to it, nourish it, love it, the day I decided I would truly help it to grow.
*The only modifications I have made to this NO HEAT is that I may use heat as long as it is indirect heat. Honestly I just want to use the hooded dryer. Especially in the winter, wet hair out doors is a no no.

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