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I wanna be in LOVE with My Products

I'm in search for products I can say I love! I'm in search of saying I don't need to try anything else because I am happy with what I am using.

Having to try "every" product is not it for me. I don't have the time or the money for that. I rather share the products we have amongst ourselves so we know what works for us, individually without having to waste any money. See when I buy a product and it doesn't work, I look at the curls around me and think who would love this product and that's who I give it to. So far 100% of the time it works for them though its didn't work for me. So far no one has given me anything that works. Which is OK. Better to give then to receive. I like the thought that I'm helping a friend in their journey. It also allows me to know what products and or brands simply don't work for me, in turn more money in my pocket. 

I'm very excited about my new love 8=D my deeeep conditioner - Aussie Moist 3 Minute I can definitely say without a doubt the results are amazing, hair feels like silk! But that's my personal opinion.
Currently I am looking for
Hair Styles - I would like to really get creative with my hair styles and recreate hair styles I have seen. I say this because I always get to a point where I get bored and want to switch it up. I want t build an archive of hair styles.
Protein Treatment - For some reason in my mind I feel like I need to buy a product to give me protein. When in reality I need to follow my own advice and go right into the kitchen. Eggs, mayonnaise, honey...etc. I do use them occasionally. As you can see I am still debating on this one.

Butter, Souffle or Cream - Yes I have my Shea butter and my hair loves it. BUT!!! I'm not sure if it has been breaking me out or not, so.... Just in case I would like to look for an alternative. Supposedly a butter, cream or something whipped goes very well with my 3c/4a hair texture.

Water Based Leave in Conditioner - I LOVE Knot Today, but its $12. I know how can I be picky about a price when I LOVE the results. I want to love the price and the results. So I'm on the hunt!

* I think that is everything, if not I will post more*
Hair Styles I wish to Improve on

Braid/Twist Out - I know how to do a twist out, but... how can I explain this, I don't know how to wear them without altering them. For example I always twist them into a bantu knot or curl the ends. I never really have a plain old Twist out. This would be because I never like the look of them on my short/medium hair. I keep saying when my hair is longer then maybe I will like it. Or maybe it is simply not the look for me. 

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