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free fro Turning Heads With My Hair 

So I was watching the 10 year Anniversary of 106 & Park and was like WOW Free is on TV, It's been forever!!! So I searched and found her website

I also came across and article about her hair. So I had to share. Enjoy!

"So here’s the background on my hair: I was born with a head full of it (in more ways than one)! My hair is a mixture of my DNA, strong and stubborn in parts (especially on top of my head) and soft in curly in other spots, which makes me have what hairdressers call an “interesting head.” Here’s the real on my background: African American, Indian, and West Indian.

What does that have to do with my hair? Everything. Because I can wet it and it’ll get curly but as it dries it just rises up to that afro (even when I dont want it to). If I want a straight look for a night (and I mean one night because the humidity will curl it right back up) I use a blow dryer, flat iron and hairspray to keep it down as long as I can but I promise you in the AM my hair will be on its way back to its afro.

Now I am a fan of weaves and wigs, especially in this entertainment business. If you don’t take care of what God gives you, you will have nothing left. 

You’ll know how I’m feeling anyday if you look at my hair. Daring, conservative, funky, crazy, soft, sexy, rebel, even the “Pepe Le Pew” looks work for me. You know why? Because it’s just hair, it’s mine, whether it’s all mine or not, and I shall do whatever I feel like with it. Hmmph.

Two honest notes here: ladies that have multicultural children or thick, strong haired children, don’t be afraid to ask about how to take care of your baby’s hair. Don’t just perm it at 2 years old because it’s thick and hard to take care of; save your baby’s hair for their choices. Buy some natural products, keep it conditioned, braided, try twistlocks and more natural styles. (And I’m not a mother so I can’t imagine doing my daughter’s hair every morning…but it’s okay to be different, it really is.)"

- For the entire article go to Free's website -

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