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Jewelry Display

For the longest time I have been looking for a Jewelry box that can contain all of my jewelry. Still I don't have one. My necklaces are always getting tangled together, cant find the match to an earring, you get the picture. So over the weekend I was on You Tube (specifically msvaughn and tonidaley 80) for hair inspiration and got an idea! They have these jewelry display boards on there wall. It was an AHhA moment! Why don't I just pin my Jewelry to the wall!?!

So I looked at all the walls in my room, I have this odd small space in my room that really doesn't get used so I used that wall. WOW I hung up all my jewelery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings), hats, and headbands. WOW it looks nice and now everything can be displayed without any problem. No more necklaces getting tangled up. I'm loving it!

I simply found some push pins/ thumb tacks, put them how I wanted on the wall and hung my stuff up. Later I probably will find some cool picture frames and case them off, but right now I'm just happy to see them displayed.

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