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Winter Hair Care - Hats

As I mentioned before Hats are an effective way to protect your hair.

I love the hats displayed below because my hair can either be free inside them or I can braid it up, leave my bantu knots in or my curls in and not have to worry about a thing. Most of the hats are made of a material that is not gentle to our hair. So as mentioned before you want to ensure it has a satin lining. If it does not you can sew one in, or simply place a scarf or bonnet on your hair that will be exposed to the material. Also if you like you could have a braid, bantu knot, curl or twist hanging out from the front of the hat like a bang.

Now you maybe wondering so all my hair has to be in the hat? No not exactly. You can if you wish to...Personally I like to leave a little hair out like the model displayed in the photo. But I only leave a little hair out in the front as if it were a bang.

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