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My Decisions & Goals

Hair Hair Hair...

So I have decided to make some decisions! I'm ready for some bigger better results. I put myself on a NO HEAT Challenge in February  for 3 month at a time and I have been very successful. During that period of time I learned how to style my hair in its natural state. What products my hair is liking and which to throw away or giveaway. I want to continue the testing process...BUT not go overboard I don't wanna be a product junkie or waste money. So...I have turned to ordering samples of products. I have received two samples so far Pantene Curl & John Frieda. I will be testing these products soon.

I also have to be careful in the products I use because I have found that though my hair may like the product my face sure does not. So my goal is to find products that my hair AND my skin like.

So I WON'T be spending a crazy amount of money on products I WONT be using products that break me out. I WILL pay attention to all the signs my hair and my skin give me. and I WILL have long beautiful natural hair. 8=) Now goal time!!!!!!

So my goal length is (drum roll please) 10 inches from my shoulder. Let's get to work! So I think in order for me to attain this goal I have to put some rules down for myself.
  1. I will Track my progress every 4 months with length check
  2. For 4 months apply NO direct heat: flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons.
  4. Put in practice what I have already learned.
  5. Use protective styles / low manipulation
Seems simple, right? Let's see what happens :)



    1. This is wonderful!! Can you post a before pic so we can follow the progress with you?

    2. Yes I will definitely not sure when though. Technically I'm not supposed to apply heat until Dec 24th that would be the min of 3 months otherwise its Jan 24th for 4months. Unless I start over again. I do plan to post pictures from February so that you can see the progress that I have had so far.