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Winter Hair Care

Winter is approaching...well Winter is HERE!!!! It's cold, frigged. Natural hair is already dry but now we need to pay extra attention to hair in these up coming months. So..... Lets talk Winter Hair Care!

You have to use an effective water based moisturizer. So the first thing on the ingredient list should be water!
MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!!!! A good moisturizing conditioner for after you shampoo and a creamy moisturizer for daily use (when needed). After you must seal with your favorite oil.

Deep Conditioning
I think its even more essential during this time for Deep Conditioning Treatments, especially moisturizing deep conditioners. This will put the moisture back into your hair. Allow the conditioner to sit for 15-30 minutes unders a heated bonnet. Your hair will thank you :)

Protective Hair styles

These styles retain moisture in the hair, low tension hair styles. They also preserve your length because your hair isn't being manipulated on a regular basis. In turn you don't have as many knots and tangles, and of course it keeps your ends protected. It is a style that can be maintained for a week or more. That is not to say that you have to have the same style for that long, but the goal with protective styles is not to mess with your hair as much. So at least try to keep a hair style for one week and then change it up. When you have a protective hair style you want to ensure that you moisturize it very very well before the style is complete. This is because with most hair styles you don't want to touch it once it is complete (ex. bun, updo etc...).

A lot of naturals tend to straighten their hair more during these months. It seems to be much easier to maintain your moisture when you hair is straight. But lets think about protective styles that don't require any heat, and don't require much manipulation. We want to retain length and grow hair. So variations of buns, updo's, braids, twists, weaves, braids etc... are all wonderful protective styles. Just make sure that your style is not too tight (we want low tension). Too much tension will cause your hair to weaken and your hair line to recede and that is NOT a good look.

This is an effective way to protect your hair. BUT!!! Ensure that you hat has a satin lining, if not put on a satin bonnet or scarf under the hat. This is essential because the harsh fabrics (like wool) can cause more damage then help due to the friction and simply the texture of the fabric.

Wash and Go = NO
I'm so serious NO NO! First you can and WILL get sick. Second it will literally freeze your hair and take all the moisture out of it. So please dry your hair completely before you exit the house.

I plan to post pic's of headbands, hats and protective styles that I really like for the upcoming winter months!
 Let's protect our hair ladies!


  1. Great info!! Quick question, can you recommend and good mositurizers for daily use?

  2. Personally I LOVE Olive &/or Raw Shea Butter. Usually when I do my hair I use both (one or the other is fine). A little goes a long way for both procuts. As for raw shea butter just scoop some out of the container and rub it through your hands to break it down (otherwise you will have clumps of it in your hair)

    I also hear Jojoba Oil is great. I will be picking some up when I go to the store.