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Curl Icon - Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette is definitely a curl icon and she keeps it real! Yesterday I came across her blog where she dedicated a whole post on her hair. She answered the many questions that people have. I think its very interesting that she uses products that are readily available to us at the grocery store, corner store, and beauty supply store. I took an excerpt out of her blog about her Regimen. Enjoy!

- Excerpt from Yvette's Blog -
"Now, here's my process...
I wash my hair with Aphogee evening primrose shampoo (white bottle, green writing) or Motions critical repair shampoo. I heard Pantene has a great line for relaxed and natural hair as well. I then use any conditioner I can get my hands on and comb it through while my hair is wet. I rinse the conditioner out and then I towel dry a bit (you want your hair still a little damp) and then I saturate (and I mean SATURATE!) it with an aloe vera leave in conditioner by ic Fantasia. It's in a brown bottle with green and white writing. (All these products can be found at Sally's or any other beauty supply, by the way)
Once the leave-in is throughout my hair I scrunch (ball your fists up with your hair in your hands) all over. This encourages my hair to curl up. I then put a little bit of oil (what kind doesn't matter) on my ends and then I sit under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes. You can also air dry but the dripping drives me crazy, so I just sit under the dryer.

That's it. That's my process. If your hair hasn't been "trained" to curl up yet, you can always put the leave-in in and do double strand twists and then sit under the dryer.

It's a long journey if you're switching from straight to natural, but once you train your hair to curl, it will. At least I've found that to be true for mine."

For the full story go to Yvette's Blog - Questions about my Hair

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