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Is the Big Chop for everyone?

I feel like everyone is going out to chop their hair off. Whether its for a fresh start, going natural or just another fad of going natural. One celebrity after another is doing the chop Solange, Bree, Janet, Chrisette Michele and so many more and the public is following. But why? Each has their own answer.

Is the Big Chop for everyone? I would definitely say no for the simple fact the style simply doesn't flatter everyone. What do you think? Or what did you do the big chop? or why would you never do the big chop?

1 comment:

  1. I big chopped.. it was definitely the experience. At the time I felt I was letting go of a lot of things and to me I no longer wanted to be held down by society's view of beauty. It may not be for everyone, mentally if your not prepared for the comments it can lower your self esteem. I know for me it was completely opposite..but I think Im just a rebel in that way.