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Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue Results

First I will say:
"$22 I spent for a 8 oz jar of Curly Meringue. I must say that I am very disappointed."

I have have tried this product four 4ways and I AM NOT HAPPY! I feel like I could have spent 8 more dollars and brought Kinky Curly and been much happier! Or simply used my usual conditioner and olive oil and been happy. Both would have saved money and my hair would be bouncy, defined and shiny! I have given this product many...chances seeing that I styled it 4 different ways on 4 separate days.I co washed like normal and then I sealed with olive oil and applied the Curl Meringue.

The four styles that I tried were Shingling, Bantu Knot, Twist Out & Two Strand twist Bantu Knot. The Shingling was horrible my hair did not curl I did not take a picture of that.

Twist Out

  Bantu Knot

 Two Strand Twist Bantu Knot (Extra Curly)

Many of you may think her hair doesn't look so bad. But for me Considering that I could use products I already own for much less and my results would have been fantastic, yea this is not a good thing.  The first day it felt moisturized but after that it felt dry and looked dull. People rave about this product. Praise it to death and I just....don't get it. I'm not hating simply expressing my personal opinion. I think you will understand once I post pictures of my other results with my regular simple products. When my friend gives me the curly pudding I will try it with an open mind I promise. As for this curly meringue (sigh) I have to use it because I brought it. Maybe after a while I will be able to find a style where it is effective.

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