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Hair Obstacles - Rough Ends

I must say that my natural hair journey has not been too bad...BUT I personally have one hair obstacle that is soooooo annoying! ROUGH ENDS (RE) ! Does any one else have this problem? Please let me know.

I notice these ends when I straightened my hair and sometimes when I re-set my natural hairstyles. The ends are rough, dry and so different from the rest. Its mainly the back portion, but I feel as if it is spreading like a disease. I was a little discouraged when I straightened my hair and found these RE's AGAIN! They come back and back and back. Many people have given me their two cents  as to what I should do. These are the suggestions I have received so far:

  • Regular Trim(3-4mnths)
  • Moisturize
  • Deep conditioning
  • Protein Treatment
  • Dusting
  • Protective Styles 
They all seem easy right? We shall see, the three that I need to do more often is Protein Treatment, Dusting of ends and Trims. You know I am bad on trim but NOW I am determined I will do a trim every 2 month so that I want go into shock when my length check comes up and I have to chop so much. As far as Protein Treatments I have NOT been doing them.  I know I know they are very important and for some reason I feel off. So when I washed my hair after the 3weeks straight I gave my hair a Protein Treatment. The goal is to apply Protein every other week. Dusting will be done whenever hopefully frequent so I can get this under control. This will help with my split ends that I definitely have especially in the back.

I really panicked when my RE came back I was SO discouraged. Thankfully I have talked to a lot of Natural Ladies out there who have assisted and encouraged me. I have also discovered that RE is quite common and that I should not worry about it too much. So I will put in to practice those 3 points that I have not been taking into account and simply worry about keeping my hair as healthy as possible.


  1. I would like to suggest adding the youtube kimmaytube leave-in conditioner (this will smooth your hair shaft), and all natural aloe gel (will moisturize your hair) to your regimen. I add/mix aloe vera gel to my moisturizer when re setting my hair are night (about 2-3 days after wash day)or when setting your hair at night add some aloe vera gel to your ends if they feel rough/dry. Aloe vera gel will help retain the mositure our hair needs.

  2. I've been meaning to try this recipe, its funny you mention it. I still have been unable to find the Aloe Vera juice for the recipe. Well I should say when I'm looking for it, it is not available. I defiantly try it once i take these braids out which will be a while. I hear wonderful things about this recipe. But In the recipe it says Aloe Vera juice and you mentioned gel. Why do you use gel instead? is their a major difference?

  3. I use the Kimmaytube reciepe as she has it with the aloe vera juice as my leave in.

    Then I have a moisturizer I use about 2-3 days after I wash, that's when my hair starts to feel a little dry.

    I mix about two teaspoons of my moisturizer, two teaspoons of aloe vera gel, and a teaspoon of oil in a small bowl and re twist my hair at night. That refreshers my curls and I'm good until wash day (I wash once a week).

    Hope this helps and can't wait to hear your update!

  4. You mix the gel w/ what moisturizer?