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Center of Attention - Inspiration

All of these pictures are from The Knot.   These centerpieces bring something different to the table (hahaha). This is what I like about the and point you can take home to your table.

1. Tall vase with my favorite Orchids draws the right amount of attention to the table.

2. Love the color combination and the leaf wrapped around the vase.

3. Once again a tall vase of orchids. I think they are beautiful. The water intensifies the color.

4. BOLD RICH Color in a flower pops right off the table. Orchids are placed just right in the vase so they hang over slightly. To get them to stay you can glue them to the side of the vase. Or place clear string on the steams and anchor them with rocks.

5. You know Orchids are my flower and since the Soiree is coming up of course I am looking at more and more Orchids. These Orchid panels really inspire me, especially since I saw something at Acemoore that is wall art that can be removed easily and relocated hmmm.... I will share more on this later.

6. Variation of color and size, pops off of the table. Table is too crowded for me personally. Make sure you don't over decorate. You do not what you guest rearranging the table to maximize their space.

7. The white on white is breathtaking. The way the orchids are hanging out of the vases and not sunk in them is nice as well.

8. The accessory at the bottom of the vase catches my eye. You can find scrapbook paper, napkin, ribbon that has a bold print that ties into your theme.

9. Simplicity. Black and White is so classic, the paired the right share of pink. I also like the idea of 3 small centerpieces and a couple of candles on the table, seems cozy and not too overpowering

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