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Hair Rant

Good Morning!

As you know I tried something new! I braided my hair for the first time! The results are pretty good...shockingly. I still need some practice but I'm proud of my little box braids. Crazy thing is I'm ready to take them out I'm craving for my curly hair. I really want Big Teyana Taylor Hair :D. I will be posting pictures of my braids and a tutorial hopefully it will be easy to understand. I may even try a video :) we shall see.
Stay tuned will post in the next two days PROMISE!

Vitamin Shoppe has seriously become my go to hair store. I finally have all of my ingredients for the Kimmay Tube leave in conditioner. For the recipe you need Kinky Curly Knot Today, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, and Castor Oil. I have not been able to find a large bottle of jojoba oil yet. I refuse to buy that tiny bottle so I will be substituting Olive Oil for Jojoba Oil.

Our 700 View Challenge is coming to end soon Thursday is the last day. We are ALMOST THERE!!! VIEW VIEW VIEW!!!!!

Of course when my hair is in braids I have an OVERFLOW of hair products at my fingertips but can do nothing with them. As you know I will not be doing reviews, we are focusing on Natural Ingredients. I will continue to try new products and post pictures of how my hair reacted to the product. 

Stay FLY!!!

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