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Bantu Knot

       Products used: Shea Butter & Olive Oil

Begin with damp hair, apply your favorite products, take your first section of hair and twist your hair until it starts to curl up. Then twist it around itself at the scalp. It will look like a mini bun. Finally to secure the ends gently lift up the "bun" and tuck the ends under. If you can not secure the ends then secure them with a bobby pin.

Wrap your hair up and go to bed :) or sit under a hooded dryer until you hair is completely dry.

When dry untwist knots gently. For more fullness separate them in half or fourths. When separating curls look at the hair for the

Tip - When I am about the style my hair (Bantu Knot, Twist, Twist out, Rollers, Flexi Rods etc..) I like to coat my hand with some type of product my hair likes (Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Curls Creme Brulee etc...). This cuts down on frizz and enhances shine, and definition.

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