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Wet Set Tips

  1. Use products that your hair likes
  2. Smooth hair
  3. Tight (not too tight)
  4. Ends are tucked under proper 
  5. Ample drying time

1. When performing a wet set you really should not test out new products. Setting the hair takes so much time you really don't want to experiment. So use a product that you hair thrives off of and sets nicely with.

2.Its very important that you smooth the hair before setting this will ensure and clean smooth defined curl. It may even appear as if you applied heat to your hair.

3. When placing you perm rods, flexi rods etc.. ensure that they are tight. Not so tight that it hurts. There should be a good amount of tension to ensure the curl comes out smooth.

4. The ends are very important. You start from the ends up when setting your hair. ensure that the ends are secure around the rods being used. You do not want rough, uncurled, or crinkled ends.

5. Give your hair enough time to dry COMPLETELY. You may need to sit under a hooded dryer

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