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Let's Talk Length Check

So on September 2nd I went to this amazing salon called "Bliss Elements" it is a Green Salon located in Wilmington DE and they are fabulous! They colored, trimmed and straighten my hair. I felt very at home, they are very professional and friendly.

These pictures are taken after 2 and half weeks of getting it done. I meant to take pictures fresh out the salon but you know how life is. Nonetheless you can see the color change and drastic length increase. As you can see once again my hair is thicker and longer then last time.

After about a week or so I mainly wore my hair in protective styles. I also continued to style my hair in its natural styles since I did not want to apply any more heat to my hair. So I did twist outs and braid outs. They came out super cute. I was  very happy with my experience at the salon, I researched many salons to make sure if they were right for me and visited the ones I liked. I know many of use "Natural Girls" are scared to go to the salons but if you do you research and make sure they understand what you want, it will go just fine :)


  1. Yes!!! Your hair looks great! I noticed the increase in length when you posted the color pics. Keep doing what your doing because it works for you!

    I go to this salon! Love, love it! They are truly awesome. I go ever 3-6 months for trim, color, etc. Whatever I'm in the mood for.
    Nice pics!

  2. Thanks! I am very excited. This winter I am going to switch it up, but I'll share that later.