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Afternoon Ladies,

So let's chat! I have some wonderful news for everyone, so let's get to it!

The LookBook will be updated. I promise! So many things have been going on that I have not had the time to shoot my hair step by step.  I will post a braiding tutorial step by step, how I wear my hair when its straight and more natural styles.

We have added a new addition to the Writer list, you have to wait and see who it is! Make sure to give her a warm welcome. I think it's important for use to have a wide range of curly hair patterns and textures here at FNthat'sNF. So she will be sharing her experience with trying new products. You will love her!

This years Soiree has a limited amount of photo's, sorry! It was a very nice intimate gathering, so the layout of the room, decorations etc...were not photographed to my liking. So I will share as much as I can about the experience with you. 

So I will be sharing the activities, little touches, the invitation, flowers etc. So stay tuned

Whats up with me? Well I will be letting you know. I have never really shared my regimen with you guys, I'm not a big regimen type of person. So I will try my best to share my routine. Snap Shots of life, adventures and travels, results from products. Hair    do's that will tie into the LookBook.

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