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Fly Natural that's Naturally Fly is really coming together. I'm so excited because in the beginning I wast quite sure how I was going to be able to put ALL my LOVES in one place where people would be able to appreciate it. But look what was created Inspiration from all angles! The logos, makeover, new additions have come along nicely and just think the Lookbook launches NEXT WEEK! Very excited about that. Hope you guys like it. I have found it very difficult to remember the different styles I wanted to show. Seems that when you under pressure you cant remember anything. Lately two strand twist Bantu knots have been my favorite go to style.  So thankfully this has helped me to remember all the other styles that I use to do all the time. DON'T FORGET to share your styles! This will make OUR Lookbook grow with varying styles that all can benefit from.

 Are you guys ready for my length check? Technically it is next Monday  BUT I need to move it. Yes move it because that weekend I will be involved in construction and there is no way I'm going through all that work to sweat it out. So I will straighten my hair on February 5th.  Wow feels like it took so long, but at the same time has come so FAST! YE-HA! Still a little nervous to see the progress.

COLOR COLOR COLOR! I will not be getting color next week with my length check. Now I know what I want BUT I must find a stylist that can take EXCELLENT care of natural hair and can COLOR like nobody's business but not damage my hair.

PARTY! I'm in a serious party mode. Unfortunately I have not taken pictures of the little get together I have had of late. SO I PROMISE from now on to take pictures of the little things I do so that I can continue to inspire each one of you. I have many little and big events coming up from now till May STAY TUNED!

Thanks for listening (reading),

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