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Soiree 2010 - Inspiration Board

2010 - 5 Year Anniversary

A Soiree is a gathering of friends.

Soir - Soirée
French soirée, from Old French seree, from seir, evening, from Latin sērō, at a late hour, from sērus, late.

This is my 5 year anniversary of my annual Soiree. At this event I thank the women in my life for all they have done and will do. This year I figured HEY let's go to FRANCE!!!
So I will be re-creating my vision of a Soiree in France. Im shooting for parisician but not the typical parisicial (baby pink, black white and stripes). I am shooting for a romantic, light and airy type feel with beautiful lighting created by dim lighting, touchlights and candels. I want it to be Lavish and Dreamy formal event.
 More detail to come and pictures after Saturday!



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