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WOW after talking to my girls, I went on lunch and broke down and got a PROFESSIONAL Trim :-) Thanks Ladies. I was stressing because I blow dried and flat ironed my hair last night and small portion of my back section was...matted. I didn't know how to describe what I saw and felt but I call it matted, not smooth! Not the whole strand but close to the ends. I talked to my girls they gave me some suggestions one was MORE MOISTURE. I definitely agree with that. I believe that I have been nurturing my front more then my back and that is definitely going to change PRONTO! The second was that I probably need a trim.... smh....I'm horrible with trims, between having HORRIBLE experiences and just being lazy I don't get trims often. My last trim...are you ready? February! To my surprise the stylist said that my hair is in very good condition especially after she found out I was natural. She thought I had a perm lol. I expressed my concerns and she said that I did need a trim but that my hair in the back simply is a different texture and its a little coarser in that section. So all it needs its some extra love and care! :-) SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! I believe that trims are and aren't essential. Honestly my goal is to learn how to trim my own hair. Many people have different ways of trimming, when you have twists in, dry cut, wet cut, search and destroy and many others. I am now on a search of what is best for me. We shall see what happens :-) I'll keep you posted!  

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