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Shea Butter - What can it do for you?

I LOVE SHEA BUTTER. Personally this is one of the best natural products I have found. I buy 100% unrefined shea butter at the local store usual a 5oz container.

I use to for.....EVERYTHING!!! Bantu knots, Twist outs, two strand twist curls. It conditions my hair and leaves its silky soft and nourished. They tame by flyaways when my hair is smoothed down or curly. Its truly a staple in my regimen. I use unrefined Shea butter, I get it from the local beauty supply store in the city. it comes in a plastic container. The butter comes in a solid chunk, you just cup some out with your finger tips, rub your finger tips together and the butter breaks down a bit ( a little greasy) and you place it onto the desired area. A little goes a LONG WAY!

So I read this article I wanted to share so you can either click the link or read below :-)

EZarticle link is as follows:

"Shea Butter:

Shea Butter is amazing for the hair. With it's hydrating and healing properties, Shea Butter can be used as a deep conditioner. Just rub a generous amount of the Shea Butter between your hands to melt it and apply it to the hair. Make sure to pay close attention to the ends of hair, which is more likely to have damage than the roots. After you have covered all of your hair with the Shea Butter, place a shower cap on your head and allow the Shea Butter to work it's magic for about a half hour or so. Then you can use a gentle shampoo.
Another tip is to use Shea Butter to tame flyaways. Just use a dime sized amount, rub your hands together, and smooth your hair down with it. This will help keep your style the way you want it without annoying frizz.

Beautiful hair can be achieved by everyone, if we all take care of our hair properly."

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