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Shopping time has arrived! I was out of ALL my products, I only had Shea butter, 1 bottle of V05 Conditioner, 1 Bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Deeeep Conditioner and a little bit of Herbal Essence No Frizz leave in conditioner. So while I was out with my Sissa on Saturday we stopped by Target. Let me just mention that every time I go I can NEVER find the curly / natural products that every one is always talking about. Well I FOUND THEM!!!!! I would have never found them if my sister wasn't with me because they aren't in the aisle they are on the end of the aisle so I always walk right past it. Any who, We found them. So these are the following products that I have found:

Organix Grapefruit Mango Butter - I shampoo once a month or whenever I use a good amount of unnatural product.  I have used this before if you remember once again I basically got this free because It had a rebate sticker on it. Click the link for my previous review. I really like this product LOVE it especially since free, don't need much, spells GREAT!


Aussie Moist - i really like this product I brought 1 liter for $5, that's great!
Giovanni - This is my first time using this product people really rave about it this was also on sale for 5.99

Curl Enhancers

Curls Creme Brulee - $10.99 -
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie - $10.00

So for this shopping trip I am a new customer to some products I have never tried before and I am also a repeat customers to products I'm in LOVE with. My ultimate goal is for all my products to contain natural ingredients and (as you know) I must LOVE them. So we shall see how it goes. I will have reviews on the new products soon, my first one will be of Aussie Moist conditioner (hint: I brought it again).

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