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My first attempt at braids was successful, to my surprise. The hair I used was very cheap, because I wasn't sure how it would come out. Next time I will get a better grade of hair. The synthetic hair really irritated me and refused to hold a curl or wave when dipped in boiling water. So I resorted to wearing buns most of the time and then dressing them up with my favorite flower, Orchids. I took my braids out on Monday I had to wash my hair. Yes I know you can wash your hair when you have braids but the hair I purchased does not dry very fast and it has been very cold and rainy. I did not want to get sick. Plus I missed my hair. The braids shall return though :) Here are some pictures. I will do a tutorial on braiding. Life has been a little busy. You will see shortly what I have been diligently working on.

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