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Tea Tree Oil - What can it do for you?

Tea tree oil is used as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. These properties make it ideal for keeping hair healthy since it will thoroughly clean your hair and scalp by deeply penetrating into your skin.


  1. Adding tea tree oil to your shampoo can eliminate dandruff since the oil kills the scalp fungus that causes it.
  2. Cradle Cap

  3. Although its safety in relation to use in infants is debated, some people add the oil to baby shampoo to treat cradle cap, with is a flaking, yellowish rash that appears on babies' heads.
  4. Baldness

  5. Tea tree oil can potentially help those suffering from thinning hair or baldness: it cleans your hair follicles of residue, which can impede hair growth.
  6. Moisturize

  7. The oil has a moisturizing component, which can improve the texture of dry or frizzy hair.
  8. Lice

  9. People of all ages can wash their hair with a shampoo-and-tea-tree-oil mix, as well as comb the oil through their hair, as a daily treatment to kill lice and their eggs.
  10. Natural

  11. Because the oil is a natural product that is free of chemicals, dyes and other artificial ingredients, it is a healthy alternative to using chemical shampoos and conditioners.

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