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Hair Update

So I have been very busy lately. I know all of you are thinking where in the world has she been? Well I had two big events I hosted (I will post pictures as soon as I get them), running from here to there. NOW I am here :) Sorry for the unusually long delay, but I'm BACK!!!
Hair Update:

I have been using the Kimmay-Tube Leave In. Which has really stretched the Knot Today, so happy about that! Also I can see that my hair likes it, especially when I refresh my hair in the middle of the week, it bounces right back! What I have learned though is that I need to cover my hair thoroughly with the mixture but not overdue it. This leave in does not set my hair in a style, I still need an additional product/s to set my hair.

I'm still washing my hair once a week. I have been shampooing my hair more then I use too. Now its every other week if not every week. I'm shampooing with the same bottle of Organix Shampoo heavily diluted. Can you believe I am still on the same bottle. I'm telling you this is the best, long lasting shampoo I have ever had, and it was FREE. Definitely a keeper for me. I have been deep conditioning every week, protein treatment every other week (with Mayo, Honey Egg). Protective styles have been my friend last couple of weeks, though I have been doing a lot of Twist and Curls. I finally mastered the Twist out which is exciting!!! So I have many new do's to add to the LookBook!

I have been trying some new products including the products from the Product Swap. I will definitely post my hair reactions, and results. I'm looking to do a couple more Product Swaps, if any one is interested. Also I would love for people to show their hair reactions and results!

Tomorrow would be my length check day....but I have to post pone it. I will be going to the BEACH so there is NO WAY I am going to do all that work for it to just get messed up. So I will stretch my hair so you can see how long it is, or straighten a couple of sections. Summer is a very difficult time for me to keep my hair straight. If I go through all the work to get it straight I expect it to stay straight. So I won't be straightening my hair until the 2nd week in September, for the Soiree :).

Hope all is well!

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