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Hair Obstacles - Tangles

Tangles are a Big Issue here are 5 tips that will help you cut down those tangles!

Detangling hair Thoroughly - Wet hair loaded with conditioner & a wide tooth comb is the best way to detangle your hair. I find that washing my hair in the shower is the best, plus its less of mess then in the kitchen.

Removing all shed hair - When you detangle its important to remove all shed hair. This hair can create the tangles and knots that you do not want. So remove them from your hair, hands and comb.

Section Hair - When washing, conditioning etc... make sure your hair is in sections. This makes your hair easy to manage and will cut down on tangling, this is when your hair is wet and when its dry for styling.

Wearing Protective Styles - Tuck ends in, this will protect them.

Take your time and be gently - Always comb from tip to root, gradually making your way up the root. Don't rip through your hair, only style, wash, condition when you have sufficient amount of time to dedicate to it. Do not rush.

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