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Upclose in Texture

Conditioner OVERLOAD! Last night I washed my hair with my one of my "Loves" Aussie Moist. I have a liter bottle that I picked up from Target for $5.00 a long time ago and it is still very full, even though I use a good amount of it for Co-washes and detangling. Any who, I wanted to show you my texture up close, since I have not been able to capture it very well. My texture starts loose and then gradually gets tighter, you can see this in the last picture. The curls are very small.
Personally, I am not really into "curl typing" because I have so many textures or curl types in my hair. If I use a product for one type it may not work for the other sections of my hair. I have found that since I went natural my texture has slowly but surely changing. My whole texture was much looser, and now it has curled a little tighter. I think this would have to do with the serious limit of heat and protective styles. My hair is GROWING GROWING, this is so exciting, just imagine the length for the length check in SEPTEMBER! Cant Wait!

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