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Theoneandonly Introduction :-)

I'm Theoneandonly (The one and only). I'm a Fly Natural that's Naturally Fly.

The purpose of this Blog is for me to share thoughts, experiences and inspiration. I am a creative individual who loves to express herself through, clothes, hair, poetry, parties etc... you will see. There have been numerous blogs that have inspired me and I wish to continue this gift of inspiration.

I love to throw parties, but parties that have a meaning behind them. I plan to share pictures of inspirations and how I made them my own. You guys are just in time for my Annual Soiree in September its the 5 year Anniversary. Cant wait to share!!!
Poetry is a passion of mine I love to write and hopefully I will be able to share some of my favorite poems with you.

I would say I have been natural for... 2years now. When I transitioned I did not do a big chop it was a long process. I did it...simply to try something new, see how my hair would come out. I also had bad experience with Salon's. For some reason I grow my hair better then they do and they went to school for it. Anyway I got to a point when transitioning I could NOT STAND my permed hair so.... I chopped it off. I received a lot of help from YouTube & different blogs I was able to discover. I plan to post my personal regimen, products, updates on growth, hair styles etc... and just random things that I like and hopefully you will enjoy this blog


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